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The ultimate healthcare steam and vacuum cleaner, plus the NO DUST BAG water filtration system that eliminates dust mites and smells.

The Steam & Vac Pro is a steam cleaner, a dry vacuum cleaner, a wet vacuum cleaner or a combination of all three!"

Steam and Vac Pro
Electrical supply 230v, 50/60 hz 
Power max. 3200 watts
Boiler 1.6 litres, stainless steel
Boiler steam 4.5 bar
Pressure temperature 154°c nominal
Heating up time approx. 5 minutes
Autonomy continuous operation
Wet & dry vacuum unit 1000 watts
Robby 6000      

At the top of the Robby range, the Robby 6000 uniquely doubles super-heated steam cleaning with a hot pressure cleaner fulfilling two different types of cleaning requirement for the price of one. With such versatility, the Robby is the answer to many cleaning problems in the catering and leisure industries, hospitals and nursing homes, even car showrooms and workshops.

Using only tap water, the Robby 6000 has a range of accessories to tackle most cleaning tasks. Every nook and cranny can be thoroughly cleaned, especially places difficult to reach by hand. cleaning tasks. Every nook and cranny can be thoroughly cleaned, especially places difficult to reach by hand.

Robby 6000
Product Specification
Power Requirement	230 Volt 50Hz
Maximum Power	2200 Watt
Steam Pressure	4.5 Bar. Nominal
Boiler Capacity	4.5 Litres
Boiler Material	RVS AISI 304
Heating Up Time	Approx. 8 minutes
Autonomy	3 Hours (Nominal)
Detergent Facility	No
Detergent Tank Capacity	n/a
Indicator for lack of water	Yes
Cable Length	3 metres
Machine Dimensions (cm)	38cmx52cmx98cm
Net Weight	10Kg
Shipping Weight	19Kg
Certification/Marking	GS-TUV, CE, IPX4
 Max. Boiler Temperature	150°C
Adjustable Pressure Output - Yes
Incorporated Vacuum Unit - No
Wet/Dry Vacuum - n/a
Industrial twin-motor wet and dry vacuum cleaner    

Industrial twin-motor wet and dry vacuum cleaner with robust construction.

The heavy duty tubular stainless steel chassis has full austenitic quality, whilst the container, manufactured to the same quality, is enhanced by having a mirror finish. Literally this is the same grade of stainless steel that the finest cooking utensils are made from!

This machine has the advantage of a full Structofoam power head, which is both tough and easily cleaned. Dry performance filtration is to hospital specification as standard, with giant disposable bags available for simplicity and cleanliness when emptying. The spinning ball float shut-off valve converts the machine to wet performance mode in a matter of moments.

Couple the above features to the standard accessory kit with its double swivel Nuflex hose, stainless steel austenitic specification three-piece tubeset and a pair of 400 mm. Multiflo' floor nozzles ( one wet, one dry use) and you really have a specification that can go no further.

Wet and dry vac
Motor - 1000 watt
Power supply - 230 volt
Airflow - 43.5 litres/second
Suction - 2300 mm.
Capacity dry - 35 litres
Capacity wet - 25 litres
Cleaning range - 104 feet
Weight - 23 Kgs.
Standard accessory kit no. BB8
Filter bags - NVM4B
Size - 680 x 540 x 960 mm
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