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Professional Spotting Kit

Premier performance, on the spot!

We offer the most comprehensive arsenal of spotting agents to eliminate even the toughest, hardest to remove spots. Virtually all spots come clean with Chemspec’s Professional Spotting Kit.


Why buy more chemistry than you need. Our conveniently packaged 16 oz. replacement bottles offer the most economical way to keep your spotting ready to go. Each 16 oz. bottle provides the right amount of solution for even the most difficult jobs.

Effective on virtually all stains–including these hard-to-remove Spots and Stains:
Beer, Blood, Candy, Coffee, Tea and Cola, Chocolate, Ink, Chewing Gum, Rust, Soft Drinks, Grease, Lipstick, Urine, Nail Polish, Crayons, and Paint.

Easy to use!
The Chemspec Professional Spotting Kit is easy to use. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions are included with each kit

Each Chemspec Professional Spotting Kit contains the following:


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