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Trafic Lane Cleaners and Pre-sprays

we are the Highlands supplier of Chemspec products. The items below are a small selection of their products.

As the Highlands leasing supplier of carpet cleaning products we supply Chemspec products to the trade and public.

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Formula 321 Traffic Lane Cleaner

Traffic Lane Cleaner Formula 321 is formulated to emulsify oils and soils found in olefin berber and office carpets; concentrated, cost effective carpet pre-conditioner that quickly breaks down the difficult to remove soils found in all synthetic carpets. TLC Formula 321 requires a 5 to 10 minute dwell time.

OneClean Traffic Lane Cleaner

Specially designed prespray concentrate for advanced generation stain-resistant carpets and on all non stain-resistant carpets, including wool.

When used as directed, safely loosens hard-to-remove soils on stain-resistant carpets.

Certified safe for wool carpets and rugs by Wool Safe.

Kill Odor Citrus

Kill Odor Citrus is extremely effective on bacterial and fungal odors as well as general odors.

Kill Odor neutralizes odors caused by urine, vomit, smoke, perspiration, medicinal, rancid foods, etc. Kill odor contains Intersept, an EPA Registered antimicrobial shown to be effective against a wide range of odor-causing microorganisms.

Especially formulated for the professional cleaner.

Kill Odor Plus

Kill Odor Plus is a unique product for the carpet cleaning industry. Three distinct products in one, Kill Odor Plus is a combination of aggressive emulsifiers and surfactants combined with a proprietary odor counteractant specific to modifying the odors associated with urine.

KOP is the best choice as a traffic lane pre-conditioner, general purpose spotter and urine odor neutralizer

. KOP is also an excellent choice for hard surface restroom clean-up.


High Heat Liquid

Hugh Heat Powder

Formula 90 Powder

Formula 90 Liquid

Liquid High Heat offers acid side cleaning with a unique polymer coating which encapsulates the residue to avoid any chance of any of the crystallising residue reactivating. The acid side detergent has been developed for truck mount users particularly those using very high temperature water systems, but is an excellent safe and very effective product with the latest technology for all extraction machine users. Liquid High Heat contains no dyes, is biodegradable and has very low VOC's and will not clog jets or filters and is safe to use on all fibres. No more need to acid rinse this detergent will neutralise your alkaline pre sprays whilst it cleans.

Perfect for even the hottest truck mount. The unique formulation has the ability to hold up the temperature of the water. Built in anti-corrosives withstands temperatures exceeding 120C.

2.1 kg.

The number one selling powdered carpet detergent in the industry, Powdered Formula 90 out-cleans all competitive products and is the most economical use/cost powder available. Powdered Formula 90 is highly concentrated, with anti-corrosive agents and low foaming properties, which makes it ideal to use in all hot water extraction units. Powdered Formula 90 is a minimum residue cleaner, which allows for a longer lasting, higher level of appearance between professional cleaning.
Contains corrosion inhibitors –
Self-defoaming –
Crisp, dry residues –

Liquid Formula 90 was specifically developed to meet the cleaning needs of today's toughest cleaning challenges.

Provides you with the cleaning punch you have been looking for, yet is the least residual detergent on the market.

Liquid Formula 90 is approved for use on wool.



Roto-Brite II

A mild acid pH encapsulating cleaner with the power of hydrogen peroxide specifically developed to remove the spots, spills and stains typically found in the commercial cleaning environment.

Roto-Brite II is non-surfactant based and an ideal product for use in Low Moisture Cleaning applications such as spray bonnet and cylindrical brush applications where high carpet maintenance rates are performed and residues are critical.

Roto-Brite II will not brown, will not cause re-soiling and will not leave surfactant residues that contribute to re-soiling and carpet yellowing. Effectively removes surface soils, beverage stains such as coffee, tea and soda from the surface as well as light ball point pen ink, greases, oils and tars.

Rx For Fringe

Rx for Fringe Oxygen-releasing bleach for removing browning from undyed cotton fringes on oriental rugs and undyed white rugs.

Keeps white fringes white –

Highly effective in removing browning from undyed cotton fringes or from undyed white carpets, leaving them as white as possible for greater customer satisfaction. (Note: light beige is not white). Spray on fringe with a trigger sprayer; brush and rinse with water.

Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Pet Stain & Odor Remover is the ideal spotter to use on isolated pet urine situations.

Rust remover

Rust Remover quickly attacks unsightly rust spots allowing the original surface colors to reappear. Rust Remover is safe on dyes and should be neutralized with Alkaline Spotter and then rinsed.


Why buy more chemistry than you need. Our conveniently packaged 16 oz. replacement bottles offer the most economical way to keep your spotting ready to go. Each 16 oz. bottle provides the right amount of solution for even the most difficult jobs.

Effective on virtually all stains–including these hard-to-remove Spots and Stains:
Beer, Blood, Candy, Coffee, Tea and Cola, Chocolate, Ink, Chewing Gum, Rust, Soft Drinks, Grease, Lipstick, Urine, Nail Polish, Crayons, and Paint.

Easy to use!
The Chemspec Professional Spotting Kit is easy to use. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions are included with each kit

Each Chemspec Professional Spotting Kit contains the following: Dry Fabric Cleaner, Dye Gone, Liqua-Gel, Liquid Enzyme Spotter, Pet Odor & Stain Remover, P.O.G., Professional Spot Lifter, Protein Spotter, Tannin Spotter and Rust Remover.

Bone Scraper, pH paper, Spotting Guide, Swabs and Tamping Brush.



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