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When it comes to providing your guests with a luxury service one of the most costly overheads each year is carpet replacement.

How often have you tried the carpet cleaning route and thought where did those split carpet seams come from? Why does my carpet resemble the ripples on the loch? Why has it come away from the wall?

Not only do split seams look ugly they are the potential for guests getting hurt from a fall and then you have the liable considerations for compensation.

Whatís the alternative, ugly gaffer tape, new carpet?

When we clean we repair every time. If you decide on a new carpet we can fit it for you.

How often do you think itís time to replace the dining room carpet, itís just too dirty?

How often do you lose precious points from the Hotel Inspector because of carpet burns?

With carpet replacement costs being astronomical its often the last thing on the budget, but it is the first thing to let your establishment down and look grubby.

Kitchen traffic lanes, hair straightener burns. Staff ironing sheets, the iron gets knocked on the carpet and yet another burn.

If any of this seems familiar we have a small photo album here just for you.

Imagine no more worries about those carpet burns split seams, Imagine the staff got free training in carpet maintenance cleaning, we could help supply, rent, hire or sell some simple inexpensive tools to help you keep on top. Maybe even help you get better use out of the ones you already have free.

Imagine no more rapid re soiling or sticky detergent soaked carpets and a visit from your carpet cleaner every 6 months. imagine he only needed to come out every 18 months instead.

Think of guests walking on carpets with damp white socks which stay white. Impossible dream? or a reality.

At Bryden Enterprises we have over 30 years experience. Our problem solving approach is restoration. Bryden Enterprises will be able to make this problem vanish, not from a bottle (we donít use the stuff). We donít do hard sell. We operate on giving free advice.

Does your carpet cleaner fit new carpets? Do they repair. Do they leave your carpets spotless, repaired and do they provide free staff maintenance training? We do. We are here to help.

Why not call our Woolsafe Registered International carpet inspector for free advice and a visit without obligation.

Bryden Enterprises cleaning the nation.